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Nature Walks on our five-acre trail!

You’ll find a clean, welcoming environment, friendly staff, and room for your little (or not so little) ones to run and play. Let us know if you would like to arrange a visit.

Your pup is going to love this place. Here’s proof.

Lisa Corson Our Owner:

For me, the Vero Beach Canine Country Club is more than a business. It’s a passion.  Nothing brings my staff and me more joy than providing tender loving care for your beloved dog.  Our goal is to make our place a favorite place for your furry baby.  Please visit. You’ll love what you see and feel here. – Lisa

About Us

Dogs are happiest when they have friends in open spaces where they can play.

This is why we have five acres of land with four fenced-in play yards for your puppy.  Your baby will be in a residential setting with couches, chairs, and mattresses similar to home where they lounge and relax during rest time. The final ingredient in making your pet’s stay a delightful experience is our well-trained and attentive staff, who focus on meeting your baby’s every need. At Vero Beach Canine Country Club, you’re not dropping your dog off at a kennel; you’re giving them a vacation.

Here are some facts about our facility:

There are three separate air-conditioned/heated dog playrooms; one for our smaller guests and seniors, one for our medium guests and another for our larger canine guests!

These playrooms are designed to look like family rooms, like a home away from home! 

  • Situated on 5 acres, with lots of trees
  • 24 hour monitoring with camera security system
  • Food bowls are disposable so there’s no need to disinfect and our guests are fed individually and separate from the others
  • Play rooms are washed and hosed down daily
  • We have two individual care spa rooms for senior and special needs dogs
  • Waste is picked up as soon as it’s dropped
  • Washers and dryers on site
  • Bedding is cleaned daily
  • Doggy doors are open during the day so dogs can enjoy the dog room or play outside in the secured fenced-in area under supervision
    The fence is 6 feet high with chicken wire all the way around base underground so no dogs can dig their way out. (Besides they are too busy having fun and they don’t want to leave!) 
  • Four fenced-in play yards
  • Doggy doors are closed at night 

Established 2002 . Licensed, Bonded & Insured

What our clients say:

Tera Adams

Friendly staff and clean facility. They work with the animals to make sure they are comfortable being dropped off. I love how the animals are able to decide when they want to play outside or stay inside.

Ron Barkley

Our pug spends a lot of time at the Canine Country Club. She runs up to the door to get in, EVERY TIME. After her stay she comes back to us clean, happy and safe. This is the best dog kennel we have ever worked with.

Ashley Dowdell

Our dog loves coming to play here. He comes once a week to have fun with other dogs. He knows when we are getting ready in the morning for him to go here and he gets so excited zooming around the house! The whole car ride he can barely wait. Once we get near he becomes super happy to go inside. He has stayed overnight as well and has always been well taken care of every time. Thanks to all the staff for doing such a great job with the dogs!

Traci West

Best place in Vero Beach to board your dog. I bring my Beagle (Macy) here for boarding and day care. She loves it, the staff is very nice and always clean.

Chaylene Lilley

We love Vero Beach Canine Country Club. Chop is always happy to visit which says a lot to me. The staff is very friendly and attentive to the animals. I love how the animals get plenty of outside playtime and do not get crated. This is the place to go if you want your animals to be well cared for while you're away.

Julie Dunks

Our Newfie boy "Togiak" absolutely loves hanging out at the VBCCC! He can't wait to jump out of the car & go see his friends who take such good care of him during his stays. He has so much fun with all the other dogs there, who are always friendly & social. The dog-loving staff pay attention to every need of the canines that they are entrusted with, giving them the highest level of care.We highly recommend Vero Beach Canine Country Club to all dog owners.Togiak gives it "5 Woofs!"


Having 4 dogs the first thing I did when moving here was check out all the Doggie Day Cares in the area. I couldn’t find the right fit. One was muddy & dirty. One was dark & gloomy. One was ridiculously priced. Then I walked into a ‘home’ & my dogs & I fell in love. The Vero Beach Canine Country Club is the perfect fit for us. It has everything I was looking for. Immaculately clean, caring staff, happy dogs, reasonably priced. My dogs can’t wait to get in the door. And I can go away for a weekend not feeling guilty because I know they are having more fun than I am!

Cindy Rounsavall

THE Vero Beach Canine Country Club, is the best dog - home away from home, that ever happened to our family! We have used the Canine Country Club for 12 years. Friends, told us about Lisa Corson, and her splendid method of blending dogs together, to create a “playful” pack of dogs, when we first arrived in Vero. We wondered if our dog would like the place - but she literally sits by the door every day - asking to go to “her Club”. She is always excited to arrive - and comes home happy and tired. Large dog, small dog, young or old - Lisa and her staff, will take excellent care of your bark-baby.

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